Ley Line Walker


Level 3

Exp 5600

Alignment – Scrupulous (Good) Values life and freedom, like a cop who plays by his own rules

I.Q. 13
M.E. 13
M.A. 12
P.S. 14
P.P. 12
P.E. 22 save vs coma/death +14, save vs magic/poision +4
P.B. 7
Spd. 17

SDC 47
HP 31 (+1D6 per level,b:22)
PPE base: 194 (3D6 per level,b:173)

Special Abilities/OCC Ley Line Walker Skills

  • Sense ley line 10 miles per level, 30% (+5)
  • Sense ley line nexus able to find nexus points %40 (+5)
  • Sense rift able to sense a rift within 50 miles (+10 miles), can tell if near/far, big/small, if on a ley line can tell the exact location.
  • Sense magic in use sense spell, rifting or techo-wizardry if not seen up to 100 feet away per level. Will not know the location and can’t trace but will be able to feel the energy and know that magic is being used, does not include psionics.
  • See magic energy sees P.P.E. radiating from people, creatures, objects and areas as faint aura (minimum 20 P.P.E.) can see things that are magically invisible, takes 1 melee per round to will it into place, does not see spell Invisibility Superior range 1,000 feet.
  • Read ley lines get information about the ley line instantly, what direction, how long, whether there are nexus points, whether there are rifts open along the line, knows any natural disasters along the line, power is free, no P.P.E. cost.
  • Ley line transmission – send verbal/visual message along ley line, one way communication unless recipient is also a ley line walker. 100 words or less, can send to a person per level of experience, takes only a matter of seconds. A psionic or mage can listen in on the message 1-20% telepathic will sense message and eaves drop, 1-31% chance they will receive. Sender can’t know or scramble message.
  • Ley line phasing/teleportation teleport along ley line, ley lines can be up to a quarter mile wide, float – ley lines are typically a half mile to 2 miles hight, looks as if floating, (20 to prowl while in the air) To perform the action it takes 1D4 melees of uninterrupted concentration. Only teleport 4 (2) times in 24 hours, and max 4 per hour. Can only teleport self and possessions, can only go one way, unless reaching a nexus point.
  • Ley line walking or drifting can walk or float through the air along ley line at Spd. 10,
  • Ley line rejuvenation heal x2 near the ley line and instant rejuv. once every day talkes 10 minutes of concentration 20 hit points and 20 SDC +1D6 hp and 2D6 SDC per level. Must be on ley line. No ISP or PPE can be restored this way.
  • Ley line observation ball soccer ball size light ball linked to ley line, can see and hear as long as walker is near line, MDC 1 point per level, range – 500 ft. per level, Spd 44 (30 mph) +3 dodge, can’t attack but buzz if in the line of sight
  • Affinity with rift & ley line magic spells known as rift & ley line magic are commonly known. More details see RUE pg. 116.
  • Ley line force field on a ley line 20 MDC (+2) cost 20 PPE, lasts until off of line, dispell or destroyed, can regenerate next PPE round, draws half the PPE normally available from ley line (20 PPE)
  • Initial spell knowledge – level one select 3 spells from magic level 1-4 for a total of 12, (+1 spell equal to own level of experience i.e. Level 5 Ley Line walker gets one new level five spell) any new spells/rituals can be learned or purchased regardless of levels of experience. Sample list of spells at the end – feel free to trade out any spell you would like to.
  • PPE Permanent base PPE 3D6x10 + 20 added to initial PE attribute number, (+3D6 per level)
  • Supplemental PPE draw 20 PPE per melee round on ley line, 40 at nexus point, can also be stolen at double health of sacrificed beings, good or unprincipled won’t do this, people can give up PPE
  • PPE recovery 7 points/hour of sleep/rest. Meditation 15 pts./hour
  • OCC bonuses +1 to save vs magic at levels 3, 6, 9, 11 and 14, +1 to spell strength at levels 3, 7, 10 and 13, +1 on Perception Rolls at levels 2, 5, 7, 10 and 13, these double when on ley line.

See RUE pg. 113.
Medium Concealed MDC armor, made from natural materials
Main Body 62 MDC
Arms (2) 18
Legs (2) 28
-5% to physical skills, prowl, climb, others while wearing armor
Robe/cape, set of clothing and travel clothes
1 small sack
1 large sack
6 wooden stakes and mallet
tinted goggles
air filter with gas mask
flash light
100 feet of cord and grappling hook
pens, pencils and note pad
Can use techno-wizard items
*energy pistol +2 clips
*energy rifle +2 clips
survival knife
hand axe
*vehicle – Wing Board

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Native tongue American 98 (1,b:98)
Language: Dragonese/Elven 76 (
3,b;70), Japanese 76 (3,b:70)
Climbing 55(
5,b:45) -5 with armor on, roll once ever 20 feet
Math: Basic 66 (5,b:56)
Land Navigation 48 (
Wilderness Survival 50 (5,b:40)
Pilot: Automobile 69 (
Lore: Demon & Monster 57 (5,b:47) North America
+Lore: Demon & Monster: Asia 52 (
Lore: D-Bee 52 (5,b:42) +10 with North American D-Bees around Chi-Town
Lore: Psychics & Psionics 52 (
Lore: Magic 52 (5,b:42) Recognize M. Symbols, Runes, Circles 42 (5,b:32), Reg. Enchant 37 (+5,b:27)
Hand to Hand: Expert
Level 1: 4 attacks per melee, Kick 1D8 SDC, +2 pull punch, +2 roll with punch/fall

O.C.C. Related Skills
2 more skills at level three, one at level 6 and one at level 9 and one at level 12, all new skills start at level 1

Science: Archeology 40 (5,b:30) history/archeology, 30 (5,b:20) pre-Rifts, ancient, magic and alien artifacts
Science: Anthropology 40 (5,b:30)
Technical: History Pre-Rifts 55 general knowledge (
4,b:47), 47 specific knowledge (4,b:39)
Physical: Boxing – Natural 20 is knock out,
Physical: Running
Rogue: Concealment 30 (
5,b:20) smaller object 5
Wilderness: Identify plants and fruit 25 (
Magical: Create magical item 14 (+2,b:14,new@lvl3)

Secondary Skills
plus 1 at levels 4, 8, and 12.
WP: Energy pistol
WP: Energy rifle
Body Building & Weightlifting
Military: Camouflage 30 (5,b:20)
Military: Recognize Weapon Quality 35 (
5,b:25) half if not holding the weapon
Medical: First Aid 55 (+5,b:45)



Even to those he travels with, little is known of Balf and how exactly he became a Ley Line Walker. Like U-ma, who he works together with most, he lived in a Resistance town that was destroyed by the Coalition and lost his family. He had always had an affinity for the magical and was in tune with the energy of the Ley Lines. It was this ability that kept him alive as he wandered aimlessly through the dangerous wilderness at the age of 10 with nowhere to go and no one to depend on.

He has never told of how he developed that latent ability into the powerful magic he now wields, and isn’t very happy to discuss it. He is a little more forthcoming about the recent past, however, where he met up with U-ma again and discovered that they were working for the same goals. Working with Resistance forces mostly around Vivindale, he has been doing all he can to destroy the evil that threatens the peaceful common people while at the same time trying to build his power.

Personality and Physical Traits

Balf is not an attractive young man. At the age of 20, he is slightly overweight, has prematurely thinning hair, and an oversized, roundish nose. Long self-conscious of his awful appearance, he has an enormous amount of difficulty speaking with women. To cover his insecurity he tries to pass himself off as a modern Don Juan type, trying desperately to charm all the ladies, but at this he is a miserable failure, often with tragic/comic results. His difficulties with the opposite sex even go so far as to affect his ability to use magic that would otherwise help him charm them and make them trust him. Ironically, he is quite a smooth talker when dealing with men and often uses this to bring non-violent resolutions to conflicts.

Balf is also a heavy drinker, and a “functioning alcoholic.” Maybe because he wants to forget something, or to numb himself to the horrible times he lives in, he drinks often, and is usually seen taking a swig from his flask after close calls with death. He is no connoisseur of fine drinks, however, and will drink whatever moonshine or rotgut he can get his hands on.

Despite being a “good” person and fighting for freedom and justice for the innocent people of the world, he has a dark side that surfaces when witnessing evil beings abusing their power over others.

Attitude toward Coalition

Balf has come to realize since his traumatic youth that the Coalition is not the only force of evil on Earth. Although he once wanted nothing more than for every single person supporting the Coalition to be dead, he now believes that it’s far more important to free the many innocent people in the Coalition from its leadership. He no longer feels the need to kill common soldiers and such who are probably just caught up in the chaos of the world and simply following orders.

Balf will kill Coalition forces without hesitation if they threaten Resistance towns and people, or himself and his fellow travelers. He will, however, whenever possible, try to persuade Coalition people of the errors of their ways or otherwise seek a non-lethal solution.


To travel the cities and settlements in North America who wish to live outside the Coalition, and to do whatever is in his power so that they can live in peace. He wants to defeat the forces of evil, be they Coalition, dragons, dee-bees, robots, or other form of monstrosity. He wants to prevent what happened to his childhood town from happening to others.


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